McEwen Farms Grass Fed Meatshare

Good health is essential to life quality. McEwen Farms wants to help our friends achieve optimum health through our farm produce and our gardening products.

McEwen Farms specializes in grass fed miniature cattle. Miniature cattle combine the best attributes of grass fed cattle with the added benefit of portion control. Our steaks and roasts are half the size of conventional cattle with more tenderness and less waste. Benefits of grass fed cattle include:

  • Less calories per once. If the average American switched to grass fed beef they would save over 17,000 calories per year. Miniature cattle portion control increases this saving
  • Less fat per ounce than conventional chicken
  • All natural with no hormones or pesticides
  • Micronutrients dense protein

McEwen Farms cattle are raised in an all natural and humane environment.

McEwen Farms is offering shares in each of our cows . Click here for more details

McEwen Farms – Good health  from Farm to Garden to Table