Biodynamic Preparations

Biodynamic Preparations - Making Plants and Soil more Vital, Dynamic & Alive

Biodynamic preparations contained in the field spray have a similar effect on plants and soil as homeopathic and preventative herbal medicine does on humans. The application of the field spray to the soils is designed to enhance the biological and physical capacities of the soil. Although most gardeners don’t realize it, the soil is the digestive organ of a plant. The better the soil, the better nutrition a plant receives. High quality soil helps develop a healthy pest and disease resistant plant. It’s a critically important component to the growing process.

Preparation 501 is designed to help enhance growth, color and flavor. It helps the plant focus its natural forces so that it can achieve its full potential. Top Wineries use 501 to enhance the color and flavor of their grapes.

Preparation 508 is used to balance the fungal forces in plants and soil. Fungus is important to plant growth.  However, an imbalance in fungal forces can be devastating to a plant. 508 helps make sure fungal forces are properly balanced.

These biodynamic preparations are a key element of our products. Its what truly separates McEwen Farms from so many other organic farm companies. We are very excited to introduce these ideas with you – your garden will thank you and your produce will be so much tastier as a result!

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