6 years 15 weeks


6 years 23 weeks

If you follow our Facebook page or read our website, you will notice there are a lot of different activities occurring. Sometimes we write about our cattle program, other times about the barn restoration, we often give growing tips or a variety of other useful pieces of information about farming and gardening. This variety of information may same a bit eclectic, but there is a unifying purpose that binds them together.

6 years 25 weeks

Why am I restoring a farm ? I have a comfortable small business selling Cisco networks. The business is doing well even in these difficult times. It requires a great deal of my time and skills. I am very good at my businesses. I know very little about farming.

Maybe it is for the money. I like to make money. However; there are probably better ways to make money than developing a small farm.  I do believe that I will make money one day at farming or I would not do it. However; if I were primarily interested in money, I would not be developing a farm.

6 years 29 weeks

The relationship between this blog and farming will be made clear as it moves along. It is important to note that most of our food comes from farms. Since my battle against my belly revolves around food, I can trace some of its causes to some farms.
Please take into consideration that this is my  opinion. It is based upon reading, observation, intuition and my own judgment.  I believe that the possibility exists that I may be wrong either wholly or in part.  Therefore, feel free to disagree and let me know your thoughts.

6 years 30 weeks

Analog is the presentation of an experience through the continual variation of physical properties. The human mind experiences nature through a series of analog inputs. All of our five physical senses are designed to interpret analog input from nature.

6 years 38 weeks

What makes a garden or lawn beautiful? Many of us believe it is a perfectly manicured lawn with no weeds or insects. The flowers are untroubled by pests, the lawn is a perfect green, the edges are perfectly maintained. Nature has been subjected to the gardeners will with all of the natural imperfections controlled. 

6 years 40 weeks

The universe around us swirls with rhythms and cycles. The moon circles the earth, the earth circles the sun and the solar system flows through the galaxy.  On earth we have cycles of days, weeks months and years. Some of the rhythms are obvious , such as the moon affecting the tide and some are subtle and hard to detect. All of them have meaning and impact on our lives. However, modern man has lost much of his ability to sense and detect the more subtle of these rhythms and cycles. Our loss of perception can limit our ability to  understand the Universe around us.