The McEwen Farms Mission

If you follow our Facebook page or read our website, you will notice there are a lot of different activities occurring. Sometimes we write about our cattle program, other times about the barn restoration, we often give growing tips or a variety of other useful pieces of information about farming and gardening. This variety of information may same a bit eclectic, but there is a unifying purpose that binds them together.

The purpose of our activities is to bring a little of our farm to you. I  believe everyone should experience the joy of producing their own food. I also believe that one should be as close to their food producers as possible. The lessons we learn developing our farm are used to produce the best home gardening products we can make. Our knowledge is also available to you to help you make the best possible food choices.

Our farm had not been in production for over 40 years. The buildings had not been maintained, the fields were neglected and the place was generally run down. It was more of a neglected Farmette than a real farm. We chose the farm for its natural beauty and ambiance. Our lack of true farming experience was reflected in our choice.

We invested in the farm to support our home farming business. We would not be authentic if we did not have a real farm. It was important that we deliver a true farming experience to our clients. Therefore, we found an old school farmer and went to work. We invite you to learn with us. 

We can see the redevelopment process unfold on our website and pages. We will show you our own home farm in the Chicago area and show you how we grow on our own balcony. You can watch as we develop our production farm in Mount Horeb Wisconsin. You can participate through the use of our products.

Over the next several months we will continue to improve our line of Biodynamic and Organic Home Farming Supplies. We will be introducing our gourmet line of grass fed beef. We will also make have a line of quality supplies for small farmers. All of our products will be tested and used in our own operations.

All of these activities will bring our farm to you. We hope that you can engage in the growing process with us. If you are already a farmer, perhaps we can exchange ideas with each other. In a small way, we can work together to fulfill the ultimate purpose of a healthier and happy world.