Growing Tips For Sage

Growing Tips Sage

Sage is a hardy perennial plant that is ideal for container gardening.  The large container in your kit is great for sage.  Plant 3 or 4 seeds in the large container and prepared to transplant some of the seedling to their own container. Sage can exceed three feet in diameter. 

Please see out planting calender for the best times to plant and harvest sage.

Traditional Use of Sage

Sage has one of the longest histories of use of any culinary or medicinal herb. It was used by herbalists externally to treat sprains, swelling, ulcers, and bleeding.2 Internally, a tea made from sage leaves has had a long history of use to treat sore throats and coughs—often used as a gargle. It was also used by herbalists for rheumatism, excessive menstrual bleeding, and to dry up a mother’s milk when nursing was stopped. It was particularly noted for strengthening the nervous system, improving memory, and sharpening the senses.3 Sage was officially listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia from 1840 to 1900.

NIcholas Culpeper, the 17th century astologer-physician, believed that sage was good for the liver, stayed women's courses and caused the hair to turn black.