Growing Tips for Thyme

Growing Tips Thyme

Thyme is a hardy perennial herb. It is ideal for the McEwen Farms Kit. You can grow to outdoors in the summer and place your lovely container on your windowsill for indoor winter gardening. Direct sow the seeds by pushing them 1/8” below the surface and covering them. They take two to three weeks to germinate.  Thyme is a hardy and aromatic plant that will provide year around pleasure.

Thyme is a easy to grow. You need to water it lightly. It will survive outside in temperatures as low as 10 degrees if properly mulched. Harvest the top leaves to encourage bushy growth.

Traditional Use

Thyme has a long history of use in Europe for the treatment of dry, spasmodic coughs as well as bronchitis.1 Its antispasmodic actions have made it a common traditional recommendation for whooping cough. Thyme has also been used to ease an irritated gastrointestinal tract. The oil has been used to treat topical fungal infections and is also used in toothpastes to prevent gingivitis.