Mini Herefords

  McEwen Farms is fortunate to have a herd of Mini Herefords we acquired directly from Point of Rocks Ranch. Point of Rocks is the birthplace of Mini Herefords and ours are direct descendants of the originals. Most any mini Hereford you find can trace its origins back to Point of Rocks and it owner Roy Largent III.

McEwen Farms is offering a select few of our herd for sale to qualified individuals. If you interested please click here. If you are interested in a Biodynamic Farm, our cattle have their horns and our farm has been treated with the Biodynamic Preparations. for more information and current pricing

Mini Herefords are a great alternative to regular sized cattle and have many advantages. These include:

  • Less Carbon emissions per pound
  • Lower feed costs
  • Easier handling
  • Excellent for small farms and small acreage
  • The smaller steaks make for easy portion control. You can eat a fully formed ribeye that is half the size of one from a full sized cow.
  • Easier on your land and pastures due to smaller size
  • Earlier maturity
  • Higher percentage of Ribeye


Our Min Hereford are humanely raised on an all natural diet. They make a perfect opportunity for the small farmer that would like to enter the locker beef and grass fed cattle business.