McEwen Farms Grass Fed Meat Share

Fresh Cut grrass fed beef
Price: $200.00

McEwen Farms specializes in grass fed beef from small  cattle that are genetically designed to fatten on grass. This is far more natural than current conventional beef that have been bred to be super sized. These super sized cattle are bred to fatten quickly on corn and other commodities.

McEwen Farms Small Grass Fed Cattle offer the following benefit

1. Excellent source of Omega 3 for anti-inflammation without the risk of mercury found in fish oil supplements
2. Natural Source of Lean Protein
3. Contains trace minerals and vitamins that are necessary for recovery and muscle development
4. Lower in fat than commercial chicken
5. Low Caloric density
6. No artificial Hormones or unnatural ingredients
7. Less risk of bacterial contamination
8. Nutrient Dense
9. Tastes Great

The average American would save over 17,000 calories per year by switching to grass fed beef. Small Cattle offer even more opportunities for caloric reductions through portion management.

McEwen Farms Meat Share offers our members the ability to share a whole animal. The are seven shares per cow and each share is equally divided as follows:

  • 11 lbs of prime cuts
  • 11 lbs of Roast
  • 8 LBS of ground beef

Larger are shares are available upon request.

Each item is individually packed, vacuum sealed and cyro frozen for maximum freshness and ease of use. We currently have 3 shares available for immediate pickup. We are offered seven new shares in October. Please order in advance to ensure availability. Packages can be picked up in our Chicago location or at our Farm. Please call us for pick up information at 1 800 546 8040